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Pediatric Compounding

Pediatric compounding is a better way to provide medication to your child.

It’s no secret that the majority of children dislike taking medication. Being ill is not enjoyable, and taking medication worsens things. However, things don’t have to be that way. There are various techniques to help, yet there is no assurance that taking medication will ever be completely enjoyable.

One of the greatest concerns of modern pharmacy compounding is creating unique pharmaceuticals for patients using art and science. At York Davis Pharmacy, our compounding pharmacist can help simplify medication time and make it less stressful for your child – and you! We flavor drugs to make them taste better and provide customized doses for kids.

Our pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket custom-compound prescriptions are particularly well suited for use on children. Book an appointment to contact us for any queries.

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Best Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

We are not your typical drugstore. Compounding is the fusion of science and art that happens when our professionally educated pharmacists utilize creative problem-solving to address the demands of a patient while addressing the obstacles faced by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

We are a full-service pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket, and we take great pride in offering patients the highest-quality pharmaceuticals that may be sent anywhere in the country by courier to the location of their choice.

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What is Pediatric Compounding?

The pharmaceutical science of pediatric compounding involves creating specialized medications that are otherwise unavailable for children.

Occasionally, your child needs a drug that is not offered in a form they can take. The pharmaceutical industry frequently refrains from producing these treatments because of the little market for most drugs.

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Advantages of Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

Here are the advantages of pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket.

  • Allergy-friendly pharmaceuticals: Eliminating excipients that may cause issues, such as lactose, gluten, colors, sugar, or alcohol.
  • Medicine that has been stopped: If the drugs your doctor recommended are not readily accessible over-the-counter, our compounding pharmacist can create them, especially for you.
  • Individualized Therapy: individualized treatment to address any of your medical issues. When necessary, we will collaborate with your doctor to modify your Therapy.
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What Forms Can Custom Compounded Pediatric Medications Take?

Pediatric compounding is a choice to assist kids in getting the drugs they require in an appropriate form that could be more kid-friendly. Our skill is creating tasty flavors, but pediatric compounding at York Davis pharmacy in Newmarket extends beyond that since we can transform your specialized drug into:

Solutions, suspensions, suppositories, syrups, gummy bears, frozen pops, lollipops, tablets, and topical creams are just a few examples.

Who Needs Pediatric Compounding?

Convincing children to take medicine can be challenging, even under the greatest circumstances. Using custom pediatric compounding significantly improves a child’s ability to take prescribed medication as directed.

  • Patients With Anxiety or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD):
  • Food Allergy Patients
  • Patients with Special Dietary Needs
  • Patients who require medications but cannot get them at the dosage they need

Contact us for any questions regarding our pediatric compounding services.

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Pediatric Compounding Services for Children’s Medication

If your kid has trouble taking prescribed medication, our compounding pharmacists may alter the drug so they could even—dare we say it—enjoy it.

Once you have your child’s prescription in hand, you may send it to our pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket to have the drug customized to your child’s preferences for flavor and form, making administration much simpler.

The delivery of medication to children can be challenging for several reasons, including:

  • They dislike the taste of the medicine.
  • It comes in an intimidating form (like a big pill)
  • It might contain inactive ingredients that cause allergies or adverse reactions.
  • They aren’t in the right frame of mind to take the medication as directed (for example, if it needs to be taken with food but the child has no appetite); and
  • The dose isn’t right for their age/weight.

You can avoid most or all of these possible issues by contacting a pediatric compounding pharmacy.

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Pediatric Medication Flavoring

Because of the flavor, kids frequently refuse to take their medications. When their prescription tastes like chocolate or bubble gum, their opinion can alter.

By blending in a secure flavoring agent, our pediatric pharmacist can hide the taste of your child’s prescription. We manufacture flavoring with medicinal quality, particularly for these uses. Ask our pharmacist for further information; not all flavors should be added to medications.

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Why Choose York Davis Pharmacy for Pediatric Compounding?

At our pediatric compounding pharmacy in Newmarket, we work hard to give our patients their prescriptions on time and effectively while ensuring they receive the best possible care.

  • Licensed and accredited: All pharmacy staff at our pharmacy have received PCCA-certified training to fulfill the highest requirements of the compounding rules.
  • Compliant with NAPRA: Our cutting-edge facility guarantees that we supply high-quality drugs utilizing secure and reliable procedures and comply with all NAPRA criteria for compounding pharmacies.
  • Quality Assurance: Several inspections are performed at each stage of the preparation of each product to guarantee quality control.
  • Outstanding Service: We will always ensure that you receive the greatest attention and service from our staff, whether filling a conventional prescription or a compounded drug.

At York Davis Pharmacy, we focus on pediatric compounding and offer specially formulated pharmaceuticals for kids. Book an appointment with us right away for professional care.


Why Pediatric Compounding Prescriptions?

Pediatric compounding is the scientific process of developing unique pharmaceutical regimens for children. That is frequently in reaction to the fact that there is no current over-the-counter or prospection alternative.

Every person has their specific medical preferences. Children’s tolerance levels vary, so over-the-counter or prescribed medicine may not be the best option depending on their requirements.

Types of Pediatric Compounding

You can give your kids medicine in several different ways. The majority are:

  • Medicines with a certain flavor or without a flavor
  • Alternative dose forms (solutions, lollipops, and suspensions)
  • Drugs without preservatives
  • Dye-free pharmaceuticals

Consult your doctor or one of our pharmacists from our pharmacy store Newmarket for advice on the best medication to address your child’s health issue.

What are the Benefits of Pediatric Compounding?

For numerous reasons, pediatric compounding has gained popularity. They consist of the following:

  • Ease: Using a compound can make it simpler for youngsters to take their medications so that it isn’t constantly a problem.
  • Drug-taking by children becomes routine: Children get used to medicine when they take compounded drugs.
  • Customization: By using the proper components and a suitable dosage form, you may make a drug specifically tailored to children’s health needs.